Experience and expertise are the tools we use for every safe and sustainable solution we provide


The news of the day seems to be centered around the unrest in the international community – rising gas prices; the stock market reaching all-time highs; and yes, the increase in interest rates. Each of these can impact decisions on buying a new car, paying down debt, buying a new home or remodeling a current home. Everyone makes a choice based upon their personal economy while taking into consideration world events that can affect us every day.

I remember many years ago, when I purchased my first home, interest rates at the time were 16.5%. It seems hard to believe that interest rates were ever that high, but in the 1980’s rates of 15% to 17.5% were normal. I considered the family budget when making the decision to buy. Based upon the need for three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big yard in a safe neighborhood near schools we liked, my family purchased a home that fit our criteria and comfort level. Fast forward to today, even though interest rates are in the mid 4% range, decisions related to housing are not made by interest rate alone. We make decisions after careful consideration of the family budget and the size and location of the home the family needs. 

A family sets its budget around available income and normal expenses to determine the comfort level for a monthly mortgage payment. Many first-time buyer programs carry a requirement for home buyer education which includes a section on budgeting.  A huge part of what we do every day with our clients revolves around the family budget as decisions are made about their housing needs. Just as my family did years ago, the decision to purchase a home or remodel an existing home today is based upon the needs and budget of the family at the time. We do discuss interest rates as they relate to the products and programs that are available, but rates are not the determining factor. Everyone we come into contact with has a housing need, and they are looking to us to help fill that need.

Whether you are a Mortgage Professional, Realtor, Builder or Financial Advisor, always be the voice of reason. The path to financial security is not a game of chance. Experience and expertise are the tools we use for every safe and sustainable solution we provide.    – Randy Cullen

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