1st Time Home Buyers

Information for First Time Home Buyers

There’s a lot of financial assistance available to 1st Time buyers but most people never hear about it until it’s too late. When you want to go to college, one of the first things you do is check out the financial aid office to see what’s available to help defray the cost. We like to think of ourselves as providing that same service for people who want to purchase a home. Knowing where and how to find a program gives you a huge financial leg up so check out the list below and then call us. We take great pride in being Minnesota’s Leader in finding financial aid products for 1st Time Buyers.

There’s also money available for non-first time buyers. In an attempt to get owner occupants to come and live in certain neighborhoods, or in the city, incentives have been made available over the past couple of years. Call us. We’ll tell you where those incentives are available.

See a full list of financial support programs here.


Learn What Governmental Assistance Programs You Can Qualify For!

Most people don’t realize that Federal, state and local governments provide hundreds of millions of dollars to help homebuyers. Based on your eligibility, this site will generate a list of assistance programs that could be available to you.

Sign Up for Framework and Learn the Buying Process

Become an informed homebuyer and understand the process of purchasing real estate. The Minnesota Housing Finance agency has now made their 8-hour Framework education class available online.

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