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As we honor those who have served….Barb Crea

May 22nd, 2015

Remembering WHY…

Memorial Day pic 5.22.15

As you enjoy time with family and friends this Memorial Holiday weekend, please take time to honor America’s Heroes and to remember the great sacrifices that the men and women of the Armed Services make every day to defend our way of life.  May God continue to bless America and our Soldiers!

Our offices will be CLOSED Monday, May 25th in honor of Memorial Day!  The Kate Wilson Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage wishes everyone a safe and happy weekend!  Barb Crea, NMLS #310389



Our offices will be CLOSED Monday, May 25th in honor of Memorial Day!  The Kate Wilson Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage wishes everyone a safe and happy weekend!  Barb Crea, NMLS #310389

At one time or another, we all face life changing decisions…by Randy Cullen

May 18th, 2015

There is a season to everything.  We have spring, summer, fall, and winter as weather seasons are concerned.  In life, we have childhood and youth, followed by adulthood and all that it brings.  We raise a family and accumulate the treasures of life.  At some point, we look around and wonder what to do with all the stuff that has accumulated over our lifetime.  What to do? directions-facing-decisions

I have talked to thousands of clients  over my career and everyone has a  story that is their life.  Every story is a  culmination of events that has  brought them to a decision to buy the  first home, update a current home,  buy a second home or investment  property, or sell and move into  something that fits their current lifestyle.  Everyone has their own story, and they are all meaningful and important.  Listening to what is important is essential in helping our clients create their plans for the future.

I look at my own situation and wonder what the next steps should be.  I have raised three children, have five grandchildren, and find myself wondering what to do with a five bedroom home and all the upkeep and maintenance that come with it.  I think it could be time to simplify.

Our clients come to us with similar issues.  We gather information and provide them with solutions best suited for their current reality.  The choices clients make come with great emotion tied to them; not unlike the decisions I will be making as I decide the course I will take.

We all have a great responsibility to help out, and to help heal.  Not all changes are made by choice, some are made by necessity.  The emotions tied to each decision can be overwhelming, and we must be considerate of this.  So many clients I have talked with have life events that force them into change.  There are marriages, divorces, loss of a spouse, loss of income – or just the everyday stuff that happens that brings the need for change.  We are all human, and life happens all around us.

As workloads increase and time seems to diminish, we all need to make sure we have our listening ears on and react responsibly to the needs of others. You will find great pleasure in helping for the right reason – not for your reward, but for theirs– Randy Cullen NMLS #326128





A sign of a person’s maturity is the ability to manage adversity. . . by Barb Crea

May 8th, 2015

adversity photo Adversity can be seen as a positive or a  negative. The Merriam-Webster  Dictionary’s definition of adversity:  a  state or instance of serious or continued  difficulty or misfortune. Andy Andrews  suggests that “adversity is  preparation for greatness.”

One of the many blessings of working for such an AMAZING company as Fairway Independent Mortgage is the ongoing opportunity to learn and grow as a person.  Steve Jacobson (Jake), our beloved Founder and Chief Executive Officer, introduced us to Andy Andrews about a year ago; and I’ve taken every opportunity possible to learn and grow by reading Andy’s books and listening to his soft spoken pearls of wisdom on our company-wide monthly calls. For those of you not familiar with Andy Andrews, Andy is hailed by a New York Times reporter as “someone who has quietly become one of the most influential people in America.” Andy Andrews is a best-selling novelist, speaker, and consultant for the world’s largest corporations and organizations, well-known for his 2002 bestselling book The Traveler’s Gift.  He has written over 20 books and sold more than 3.5 million copies around the world.  If you haven’t read any of Andy’s books or heard him speak, I highly recommend you do!  I’m currently reading one of his latest, The Seven Decisions, for the second time!

As Jake stated on a recent call, “We deal with adversity every day; this is a very personal business, dealing with people’s lives and their money.”  Andy spoke to the Fairway Team about a week ago on overcoming adversity. Following are some of his pearls of wisdom:

  • Adversity is education, it’s a clue, it’s a break through. It’s a doorway to a new understanding.
  • Control more of your environment and get better results.
  • Adversity can be akin to ‘confusion’. We stay where we are until we are forced to move. Confusion is just another word for not knowing the answer.
  • Most treat adversity with surrender – average people stop. The average person always seeks an easier path.
  • I can’t do that YET opens up possibilities to a different life. The mature person says, “I can’t do this yet, but I’m going to try to work at it.”  Everything is doable!
  • Dealing with adversity is more of a skill than most people think – you develop a skill.
  • Adversity guards the treasures you have – be willing to get in there and do battle.
  • Sometimes we have to agree to disagree.
  • The ability to keep your mouth shut is self-discipline.

A sign of a person’s maturity is the ability to manage adversity. We have to make a choice about how we’re going to act.  Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s be prepared for first-time home buyer program changes … by Randy Cullen

May 1st, 2015

Untitled-11Change happens in the blink of an eye in our industry.  We need to be informed and prepared to make sure our customers are protected and approved for the correct combination of products and programs that will make them successful homeowners.

First-time homebuyers in your pipeline will be affected by changes to the down payment assistance products offered by Minnesota Housing Finance Agency with the new guidelines that go into effect May 1, 2015.  Make sure you review the changes below, and get pre-approvals revised for all of your first-time buyers using the Start Up program with MHFA that includes assistance they may have been qualified for.

Start Up, Mortgage Credit Certificate, and Monthly Payment Loan programs – Effective May 1, 2015 the income limit cap for qualifying has increased to $86,600, up from $82,900, for a 1-2 person household in our 11-County Metro area.  This is very helpful for households that may not have qualified under the previous program.  This one goes in the Plus column!

Monthly Payment Loans – Effective May 1, 2015 this program changes to 5% of the purchase price or $5,000, not to exceed $7,500.  Under the old program there was not a dollar limit on the amount that could be received. Previously, someone purchasing a $200,000 home could qualify for $10,000 in a monthly repayment loan to help offset the costs associated with down payment and closing costs – that limit is now $7,500.  Please make sure you review any pre-approvals you are working with as the numbers have changed and the qualifications of the borrower may be quite different now. Read the rest of this entry »